22lr AR Bolt Buffer (Pack of 3)

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The BoreBuddy bolt buffer prevents the bolt from slamming into the backplate when the rifle is fired.  This reduces the noise generated by the cycling of the bolt and reduces wear and tear to the bolt and the lower receiver.  When shooting suppressed, a noticeable decrease in sound level has been reported.

This bolt buffer is installed by compressing the recoil spring and inserting the rod into the corresponding hole in the buffer and the bolt back plate.  The tab on the buffer aligns with the cutout in the bolt back plate.  If using a CMMG forward assist adapter, clip the alignment tab off.  For best buffer life, standard or subsonic ammunition is recommended.

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1 review for 22lr AR Bolt Buffer (Pack of 3)


    I’ve shot all types of ammo with my 22lr AR Bolt Buffer installed and its very reliable and quiet, just what the doctor ordered. like all BoreBuddy products, I’m very happy with the quality; they have made me a rimfire enthusiast again!

    -Nick M

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