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Gen 4 is here!  It’s everything Gen 3 was, but much more robust and features toolless internal weight adjustment! (click here for an STL for the pin jig).

Our 22lr AR bolt weight system reduces bolt velocity, delaying case ejection and reducing the volume of gas and powder residue released from the ejection port, while eliminating the infamous 22lr AR bolt bounce.  The bolt weight engages our bolt buffer at the rear of the BCG, further reducing noise and harshness for a truly refined and reliable system.  Additionally, with a weight installed, your rifle will stay much cleaner.

See the description below for information on each bolt type.  

If your barrel is less than 12″ long or you use subsonic ammo, the lightweight adjustable bolt weight might be a better fit.  Click here for that product.

Don’t forget the jig and punch! (Click here)

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The Gen 4 adjustable bolt weight allows the bolt weight to be fine tuned (similar to tuning using H1, H2, or H3 configurations in a standard centerfire AR).  If your barrel is less than 12″ long or you use subsonic ammo, the lightweight adjustable bolt weight might be a better fit.  Click here for that product.

Please note: There are a lot of variables in cycling of the AR22 platform, with ammunition selection being the largest of those variables.  Significantly reduced power ammunition (CCI quiet, etc.) is generally not recommended and tuning the system for reliable cycling with your particular load may be required.  An adjustable weight is recommended for use with the widest range of ammo, from subsonic ammunition through hyper velocity.  The heavy duty weight is the “all around” choice and is designed around using bulk pack high velocity ammo.  See our FAQ, or contact us for questions on your particular application.

The weights are designed to fit dedicated rifles and conversion kits with a Atchisson/Ciener/CMMG/Spikes style bolt.

WARNING: DO NOT use the weight with early production bolts with a rectangular/flat firing pin.  Please click here for details

Our high frame rate video below shows the effects of adding of each weight type in slow motion.

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Stainless Steel, Gen 4 Adjustable, Gen 3 Adjustable, Lefty Gen 4 Adjustable

9 reviews for 22lr Adjustable Bolt Weight

  1. Andy in Al (verified owner)

    I just received my (simple brass) bolt weight. Machining is extremely well done and clean, installation is simple and does not require bolt disassembly. I am headed to the range tomorrow with my wife to test it. Bore buddy packed my order well and shipped quickly.


    Ill save you time. BUY IT. Very well made piece of kit that greatly improves function! bolt bounce has ALWAYS been an issue with 22lr AR conversion kits…well, not anymore. Enter the BoreBuddy 22lr Bolt Weight. its easy to install and remove, but other than cleaning, i don’t know why you would ever want to remove it! completely eliminates bolt bounce and prolongs the life of your extractor, why wouldn’t you want it? as always, another great innovation by BoreBuddy.

  3. Clayton Bryant

    I have a early production brass model and very very happy with it. My AR22 SBR shoots much smoother now and is even more of a joy to shoot. Great Product

  4. Dan Harvey (verified owner)

    A well designed product, but it will not work reliably in conjunction with Hiperfire triggers.

    Note from BB Staff: Many variables influence optimal bolt weight and cycling, with barrel length and ammunition being the largest factors. See borebuddy.com/FAQ for more information.

  5. A. (verified owner)

    Fantastic anti-bounce weight!! The adjustable version finally allowed me to run my M16A1 in full auto! I cannot recommend this enough. I have previously tried all the other weights sold on the market in the last 10 years, included the non-adjustable weight, and none of them worked. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

  6. Jeorge J (verified owner)

    Installed this with the aluminum weights, 200% extractor spring, and the pressure plug. First time I went to the range and had no failures. Ran about ten 25rd mags. Was already using cmmg charging handle and boonie packer mag adapter. I think the S&W mags helped a little but I was still getting failures every 2-3 mags before I installed the Bore Buddy upgrades. S&W mags load a lot easier in the mcfadden loader which I also recommend. For science, I was running cci sv out of a 7.5in barrel. First few mags were out of a linear compensator and the rest were out of a dead air mask. Most mags were mag dumps using BFS 3 trigger.

  7. Randy (verified owner)

    Purchased the borebuddy with the adjustable weights. Works great with the rarebreed trigger. Used the tungsten pins and ran perfectly the first time.

  8. matt (verified owner)

    For those who shoot dedicated CMMG pattern rifles, this should probably be your first Bore Buddy addition.

    I have the stainless weight. This solves the known problem that the CMMG is underweight for use with high velocity ammunition and most hammers with the result of excessive bolt velocity. I don’t care about bolt bounce, but I do care about bolt velocity so great that the bolt outruns my bolt catch.

    Bolt weight needs to be balanced for each application. If I am shooting very slow RWS subsonic, I need to omit this weight. The fellow above from January who notes that it doesn’t work with his Hiperfire trigger likely has the sort of trigger with supplementary hammer springs that take substantially greater force to cycle. I use a Hiperfire EDT, a trigger much more like a milspec unit, and can report excellent function.

    I found that the forward bridge between the two halves of the weight broke very early on. Bore Buddy offered to replace it, but I declined. The weight functions perfectly without that small piece.

  9. Jason Rada (verified owner)

    Made my M16/22 kit run flawless with cheap remington ammo and at a nice speed. I used two stainless and two tungsten weights. Stock “right to bear arms” bolt assy and barrel. Bore buddy adjustable weight kit, auto trip lever,buffer plug,22 charging handle and bolt buffers.

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