2023 BoreBuddy Contest

Congratulations to Tyler for the win on the 400 yd shot! Enjoy your 21″ Match barrel!

Congrats to our winners:

1st place ($100):

Instagram User gardengunner22

Second place ($50):

Reddit u/ismellwell

Youtube User ericz294

Contact us to claim your gift card, we’ll hunt you down on each platform as well!

We’ve got some brand new shoot and see target logo stickers! They are 3″ round and make a great target. All orders from now until 9/30/2023 are shipping with 5 stickers free of charge.

If you want to participate (or just want some cheap and fun targets) and do not plan to place an order during that time, the stickers are available in a 10 pack for $1 here: https://borebuddy.com/product/target/ or a bulk roll of 250 for $20 here: https://borebuddy.com/product/target250/

Contest #1 (Entries closed — winners to be announced by 10/17):

Take a photo or video of our logo targets stuck up with 22lr hits and post to social media using the tag #borebuddy and tagging us in the post or story. Use of the tag

Instagram: @BoreBuddy

Facebook: @BoreBuddy

Reddit: u/BoreBuddy

Youtube: BoreBuddy

The best post gets $100 in store credit, and two runners up get $50! Using #borebuddy increases your chances since we’ll look in the tags first. Our employees will each choose who they think made the most awesome post and will give that person store credit. We’re not going to lie and say it’s random or you have to tag 3 friends or any of that BS, but you can tag friends since this is fun for all. Posts will be viewed by our staff and voted on. The top 3 posts will be our winners.

Many have asked — Yes! Multiple posts/entries are permitted!

Contest #2 (Entries closed):

Longest range hit with an AR22. First person to document a 400yd+ hit on a single sticker target (no covering a large target with a bunch of stickers) of our new shoot and see sticker with an AR22 gets one of our 21″ Match barrels valued at $285! The hit must be on film and the video unedited with documentation of the range to the target. Shoot a whole brick of ammo, use an M16, whatever it takes, just don’t try to cheat, we’ll probably catch you and shame you. Post the video to Instagram or YouTube to enter and mention us and use the #borebuddy. We’ll be going off upload date on the video to determine who is first.

If you win the barrel, your next 400+ yard shots will be much easier.

Match barrels can be found here: https://borebuddy.com/product/borebuddy-apogee-match/