22lr AR Reliability Kit

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The Standard Reliability Kit includes:

1x Pressure Plug, 1x Charging Handle Insert, 2x Firing Pin Spring, 2x Power Extractor Spring (one of each force level), 1x Bolt Buffer (extras are available in a 3-pack here) For best buffer life, a bolt weight must be used.

The Premium Reliability Kit Has Moved: https://borebuddy.com/product/22lr-bfb/

Designed to fit most dedicated rifles and conversion kits built around a Borebuddy/CMMG/PSA/RTB bolt group.  WARNING: DO NOT use the weight with early production (1970s/1980s Atchisson/Ciener) bolts with a rectangular/flat firing pin.  Please click here for details

Click here for FAQ about the kit and bolt weights

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Pressure Plug:

These parts provide pressure against the back of the 22lr bolt carrier group and increase reliability of both conversions and dedicated 22lr uppers.  Our novel quick insert design allows for one handed insertion and removal without the need for tools.  Simply line up the insertion slot with the buffer retention pin, slide the plug into place and rotate 1/4 turn until the pin sits in the slot of on the solid front face of the plug.  Removal is is done in a similar manner, pressing in the buffer plug slightly and rotating the plug until the pin lines up with the insertion slot. The part can be inserted either direction, but we recommend inserting the side with the hollow cavity towards the buffer and the solid face towards the bolt carrier group.

Charging Handle Insert:

Our innovative charging handle insert reduces malfunctions and gas blowback.

Power Extractor springs:

Our 22lr Power Extractor springs help your rifle to have better extractor bite and increased live round extraction reliability on a dirty chamber or with waxy ammo (Golden Bullets, Armscor, Wolf Match, etc.). Level 1: 200% extractor force, Level 2: 500% extractor force.

Firing Pin Springs:

Keeping a good strong spring on your firing pin can reduce the frequency of pin breakage.

Bolt Buffer:

The BoreBuddy bolt buffer prevents the bolt from slamming into the backplate when the rifle is fired.  This reduces the noise generated by the cycling of the bolt and reduces wear and tear to the bolt and the lower receiver.  When shooting suppressed, a noticeable decrease in sound level has been reported.  Buffers are a consumable.  For best buffer life, use of a bolt weight is highly recommended.

Bolt Weight:

Our new 22lr AR buffer weight system reduces bolt velocity, delaying case ejection and reducing the volume of gas and powder residue released from the ejection port, while eliminating the infamous 22lr AR bolt bounce.  The bolt weight engages our bolt buffer at the rear of the BCG, further reducing noise and harshness for a truly refined and reliable system.  With a weight, your rifle stays much cleaner, as well. The stainless steel bolt weight increases the 22lr AR bolt weight to 6.3oz.

Premium Firing Pin:

Our long awaited premium firing pin is available now!  Turned on a precision Swiss lathe from carefully selected high strength steel and then heat treated to our proprietary specifications.  Includes one firing pin spring.The back of the pin is profiled to center the hammer impact for longer firing pin life as well as reduced chance of out of battery detonation.

The Reliability Kits are designed to fit dedicated rifles and conversion kits with a Atchisson/Ciener/CMMG/Spikes style bolt.  See bolt weight warning for Ciener bolts: Please click here for details

Additional information

Weight .74 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in

Standard, Premium, Christmas Bundle

8 reviews for 22lr AR Reliability Kit

  1. Bub (verified owner)

    I installed on a at cmmg kit. Works great shot old 22 and cheap 22 with no problems. Was not doing that before install. Also was easy to install. Thanks

  2. Rick (verified owner)

    Couldn’t get through a 25 round mag with my PSA AR22 without problems. Installed the “standard” reliability kit and ran through 175 rounds so far without a hiccup! Highly recommended.

  3. KtheOgarPRO (verified owner)

    I was looking into the CMMG .22lr conversion kit… I cant afford to shoot .223/5.56 anymore, but still wanted to “operate” in the AR platform. I have a Ruger 10/22, and I love it… as much as I love still being able to shoot my AR! I watched every conversion kit video online and learned about “bolt bounce” and the common issues with the conversion kit (not so much issues with the kits, themselves, but with the kit breaking down over extensive use.) I learned that adding the “reliability kit” which consists of the bolt weight, dust deflector, buffer insert, bolt dampener, and firing pin; Along with the new extractor turns this equipment into something that I can show off at the range!
    Yes, all these pieces double the price of the CMMG kit!?!?!
    Yes, you can shoot the CMMG kit reliability without this stuff… for about 1500 rounds, then you will start to have reliability issues… states all of YouTube.
    I’ve been told all my life, “buy once, cry once” I purchased the CMMG .22lr Bravo kit (NY compliant) and the premium reliability kit, (or the Christmas kit, if available) and showed this off to my friends during the holidays and I have no less my 10 friends I went on a hunting trip with this year all purchasing the kits with the NECESSARY upgrades. This thing feels like it will last a lifetime! It is quieter than using just the drop in kit (thanks to the bolt buffer, and bolt weight) A slo-mo video proves the bolt bounce is eliminated. The buffer bushing hold the bolt forward to it doesn’t make ANY noise anymore. and with the adjustable weights, I can get this to cycle CCI .22lr quiets!?!?!?!?!?!? This kit is a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves their AR, and loves even more running their .22LR’s.
    You guys made a great addition to an already kickass system.
    Thanks! *****

  4. Ralph Becker (verified owner)

    Stop,If you love your CMMG or similar comparable style bolt 22lr conversion,,this is your best deal-fine tuning goes with 22lr due to wide assortment,grades,power of the beast.This seller delivers fast ,quality products that turns a fun gun into a favorite!

  5. Garrett (verified owner)

    I installed this on my cmmg conversion kit. Using both on a PSA upper kit with a KE arms stripped lower. I was getting pretty consistent blowback in my face. The charging handle insert has completely fixed the problem. The pressure plug also seemed to improve accuracy creating more consistent results. Definitely worth the money!

  6. Christel B (verified owner)

    I jumped the gun and ordered the pressure plug alone then came across the video showing the need for the charging handle insert….ooops. Contacted BB and they were able to adjust so I was able to get this kit which had both plus some extra bits I won’t use right away but will down the line. Good product and great customer service, thanks again Will.

  7. Shane Wells (verified owner)

    Shipping was pretty fast. Installation was really simple, especially if you are familiar with an AR style BCG. Everything took 5 minutes to install. I will update my review when I can put a couple mags through.

    Thanks !!

  8. Mharris5 (verified owner)

    I purchased a CMMG conversion kit and found out there were several issues with this product
    So I found out this was one of the solutions for the problem, and I must say it worked flawlessly
    The other issue was with the magazine being too loose, so I came up with my own solution for making sure the magazine was tight
    By I purchasing your product and correcting the magazine issue, this set up has worked perfectly. I should have bought the $130.00 performance kit.

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