22lr AR Reliability Kit


The Reliability Kit is a bundle of all of our 22lr parts.  The kit includes:

1x Pressure Plug

1x Charging Handle Insert

2x Firing Pin Spring

2x Power Extractor Spring (one of each force level)

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Pressure Plug:

These parts provide pressure against the back of the 22lr bolt carrier group and increase reliability of both conversions and dedicated 22lr uppers.  Our novel quick insert design allows for one handed insertion and removal without the need for tools.  Simply line up the insertion slot with the buffer retention pin, slide the plug into place and rotate 1/4 turn until the pin sits in the slot of on the front face of the plug.  Removal is is done in a similar manner, pressing in the buffer plug slightly and rotating the plug until the pin lines up with the insertion slot.

Charging Handle Insert:

Our innovative charging handle insert reduces malfunctions and gas blowback.

Power Extractor springs:

Our 22lr Power Extractor springs help your rifle to have better extractor bite and increased live round extraction reliability on a dirty chamber or with waxy ammo (Golden Bullets, Armscor, Wolf Match, etc.). Level 1: 200% extractor force, Level 2: 500% extractor force.

Firing Pin Springs:

Keeping a good strong spring on your firing pin can reduce the frequency of pin breakage.


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