Power Extractor for Advantage Arms Conversion (Glock)


The BoreBuddy Hardened Power Extractor  increases extraction reliability and reduces light strikes on the Glock advantage arms kits. Each package contains 1 extractor.

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We’re excited to announce our Hardened Power Extractor for the Advantage Arms 22lr Glock Conversions!  The kit comes with one extractor that has been hardened and tempered for better extractor bite and increased live round extraction reliability on a dirty chamber or with waxy ammo (Aguila, Golden Bullets, Armscor, Match ammo, etc.)

Our modified extractor profile reduces malfunctions including stovepipes and out of battery caused light strikes.  You’ll find that your conversion runs through mag after mag without malfunctions after this upgrade.

Fits all Advantage Arms Glock conversions.

Don’t forget a 3/32″ roll pin punch for installation! Click here.

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Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × .25 in


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