22lr AR Buffer Pressure Plug

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Machined Delrin pressure plugs are now available.  These parts provide pressure against the back of the 22lr bolt carrier group and increase reliability of both conversions and dedicated 22lr uppers.

Our novel quick insert design allows for one handed insertion and removal without the need for tools.  Simply line up the insertion slot with the buffer retention pin, slide the plug into place and rotate 1/4 turn until the pin sits in the slot of on the front face of the plug.  Removal is is done in a similar manner, pressing in the buffer plug slightly and rotating the plug until the pin lines up with the insertion slot.

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5 reviews for 22lr AR Buffer Pressure Plug

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    Great product, It does a god job at giving to 22lr conversion BCG a tight fit. It removes the small amount of between the BCG and buffer in you upper receiver. The tighter fit can help improve reliability and also possibly help with tighter shot groups (accuracy).

  2. Keith D (verified owner)

    Outstanding product, it does exactly what they say it does. Not to mention very fast shipping.

  3. L (verified owner)

    In my effort to make my CMMG dedicated upper 22lr AR as reliable as the ammo will let it be, I came across this on AR15.com while doing some research on buffer plugs. Product is very easy to install. Getting your upper to close I needed to slightly push on the buffer plug in or push in the 22lr bolt carrier into the upper for clearance.
    Reliability has improved a lot. Getting significantly less FTE and FTF. Mostly running CCI 22lr AR ammo or mini mags. Recent range trip out of 200 rounds only had one FTE. Highly recommend this.

  4. Robert (verified owner)

    Taccom no longer manufactures air pressure plug, so this was just what I needed to replace my old chewed up PP. My dedicated 22 upper was already very reliable with or without the PP, but this makes sure everything runs smoothly. Looking forward to the new charging handle insert.

  5. Tom

    My .22 upper is a lot more reliable across the board since using this plug. It’s so easy to use and inexpensive it really should be O.E.M. for all dedicated .22 uppers.

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