22lr AR Charging Handle Insert

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Our innovative insert reduces malfunctions and gas blowback.

Designed to fit all dedicated rifles and conversion kits with a Atchisson/Ciener/CMMG/Spikes style bolt.  Charging handle not included.

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These parts help to further reduce gas blowback (especially on conversions) and prevent casings from becoming lodged in the charging handle channel. Patented.  

Designed to fit rifles and conversion kits with a CMMG/Atchisson/Ciener style bolt.


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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × .4 in

Prototype Injection Molded, Prototype 3D Printed

8 reviews for 22lr AR Charging Handle Insert

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    I recently got a .22lr conversion. My first time out I had several malfunctions, including a few spent casings that got stuck up in the charging handle.
    I have a strike industries ARCH charging handle.
    The charging handle insert just snapped right into place. I was planning on needing to do a little sanding, but it fit perfectly into the SI ARCH.
    Took it out to the range and ran about 300rds. Not a single one stuck up in the charging handle. Great Job Bore Buddy!!!!

  2. Anony

    I placed the insert a little too high in the charging handle so some of the insert was sticking out. I had to use a puch in order to slide the insert down a bit. After that it was a perfect fit. Shot a couple hundred rounds and that insert didnt move a bit.

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Great product, I First made the mistake of getting a CMMG 22lr anti-jamb charging handle. It broke after 200 rounds. This product allowed me to turn a standard mil-spec charging handle into an 22lr anti-jamb charging handle. It works great now I have a durable aluminum mil-spec charging handle that works great for my 22lr AR that won’t nap at the end like the plastic one i had after light normal use.

  4. Shannon

    Great product better than a plastic handle.

  5. Herbert (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and it works great. No more powder in the face.

  6. Ralph Becker

    You don’t have to spend Bunch or wait in line for a 22lr charge handle. The open channel that spews gasses back at your face along with sometime lead is a thing of the past.Borebuddy built inexpensive insert that uses your charge handle and blocks that channel,easy install,see what you’ve been missing!

  7. David in CA

    Works great … No more stuck cases.. No more gas and particles in the face…. just a few dollars… easy install…more shooting time ! ..what’s not to like?!

  8. Steve (verified owner)

    With a standard charging handle, my rifle experienced A LOT of brass over bolt jams. I purchased a CMMG anti-jam handle, which eliminated the problem, but it was like a plastic Mil-Spec handle with a small pattern latch. It just didn’t inspire much confidence. I bought one of these inserts to use with an SI Extended Latch Charging Handle. Snapped right in without a problem. It works perfectly, and can be operated with one hand. Excellent product, you won’t be sorry.

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