22lr AR Premium Firing Pin

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Turned on a precision Swiss lathe from carefully selected high strength steel and then heat treated to our proprietary specifications.

The back of the pin is profiled to center the hammer impact for longer firing pin life as well as reduced chance of out of battery detonation.  Select round or crescent tip from the dropdown menu.  Includes one standard and one light firing pin spring (light firing pin springs are for use ONLY with reduced power hammer springs).

Compatible with CMMG style bolts (both conversion and dedicated)

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Additional information

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions N/A
Tip Profile

Round, Crescent, Titanium Crescent

4 reviews for 22lr AR Premium Firing Pin

  1. JV

    Beautifully made part. Perfect fit and function. Time will tell about durability. Had an issue with an earlier version and Will IMMEDIATELY took care of it. Amazing customer service! Buy with confidence.

  2. matt

    Between this pin and the bolt weight, the two greatest shortcomings of the CMMG bolt are solved.

    I have several thousand rounds on one of these pins. Over that time, while changing ammunition and playing with bolt weights, my last round bolt hold open has probably failed to work a dozen times and resulted in a dry fire. It’s still intact and looks to be very durable.

    With CMMG and Taccom pins, I had switched to a reduced power hammer spring in an effort to extend the life of each pin. When I switched to the Bore Buddy pin, I found that the increased area that is hit by the pin meant that the impression it left was very shallow. I put a full power hammer spring in and the resulting impression is ideal and well defined.

    I can only wonder whether this pin, aside from it’s other improvements, will prove to be more durable because it better utilizes the rim as a cushion that more gently decelerates the pin.

  3. Steve (verified owner)

    I broke the original CMMG firing pin in my conversion kit at about 10,000 rounds, having replaced the Mil-Spec trigger with a Hyperfire EDC and a 5-1/2 lb. trigger spring. I bought a standard replacement pin to keep in the parts kit, but also wanted to try one of these, so I picked up one with the crescent tip. After about 5,000 rounds, it still functions flawlessly. My hope is that the heat treating and increased surface area of the tip will result in longer life. We shall see, but if it does fail, I’ll probably buy another to replace it.

  4. Brian (verified owner)

    I have an SBR lower with a Banshee 22 upper that sees very heavy usage. Within it’s first year I broke 6 CMMG pins at ~2k rounds each and tried to find an alternative. Ended up paying way too much money for a titanium pin from Europe that lasted twice as long before breaking. Finally tried one of these when they launched a couple years ago and it’s amazingly still going strong at 30k rounds. Definitely recommended if you’re breaking pins.

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