22AR Buffer Tube Adapter

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A limited number of pre-production buffer tube adapters are being made available.  These are discounted and as-machined aluminum with no anodized coating.  1913 rail section not included.  

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The design replaces the buffer tube, buffer spring, buffer and pressure plug.  This allows use as a buffer tube plug for pistol builds, or attachment of accessories via a standard 3-slot 1913 rail section, such as MPX folding stocks or braces.  The system can be adjusted to provide optimum pressure to the 22lr backplate for maximum reliability (replaces the pressure plug system in a buffer tube receiver).

1913 rail not included.  Although any 3 slot rail intended for M-LOK use should work, but we use and recommend Magpul brand to ensure proper fitment:



Note: This part does not use M-LOK attachment, it has two 10-24 threaded holes that match 3-slot bolt spacing and thread pitch for increased strength.

1 review for 22AR Buffer Tube Adapter

  1. Ralph Becker (verified owner)

    Fit was incredible-tight no gaps,tread tolerance tight,finish is machine(marks ,turning swirls) but solid as they come. Soon to be offered finishes ,accessories but for now best on market.Price I thought was steep but after put it on /seen fit/quality and engineering that was involved,,I’m totally happy-(now if friends will just let me have back,,I want to go shoot)

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